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The evils of scale-watching - The Roze Garden
June 6th, 2004
06:30 pm


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The evils of scale-watching
For the last few months I haven't lost a huge amount of pounds. In fact I was getting quite down about it. I felt like I was trying extremely hard and seeing no results.
I joined a gym and go three times a week for an hour, I swim 40 lengths three times a week at my local pool, I've started up yoga, and I do some of my own excercises and stretches aside from all that. I eat 1200 calories or thereabouts each day, I eat a balanced diet, and I drink 3 litres of water each day.
I was getting seriously narked with the lack of weight loss because I could feel my clothes were looser.
Last week I was getting dressed for work and put on my favourite trousers, which I hadn't worn for about a month. As I stood putting on my blouse, they fell straight down. The zip and buttons were fastened... they were just too big by a long shot.
Intrigued, I grabbed a tape measure and discovered that despite very little weight loss I've lost about 6" from my waist and 8" from my hips.

I've learned a valuable lesson! Don't rely on that scale, and certainly do not worship it! If you are on an excercise and weightloss plan, then keep a note of your body measurements too: it gives a clearer picture of just what is going on.

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Date:June 7th, 2004 10:11 am (UTC)
That's great! I know that I have had an issue with having to step on the scale at least 2 times a day so it's good to hear that those numbers may not mean to much!
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