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New Job - The Roze Garden
August 1st, 2004
02:24 pm


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New Job
I thought the new job would be great. Due to the reputation of the employer, I had very high expectations... but I have been disappointed.
I'm not quite sure what the deal is on this job, and I'm suspicious at this moment in time.
It appears that they have employed me, but my position is not altogether certain. During my first week there has been little work for me to do. How am I supposed to make a good impression when I don't have anything to do?
Lastly, it is a clique of middle-aged women who really don't seem to want me there at all.

I have this horrible feeling that they employed me because I was cheap (my old job didn't pay a lot), and my references proved that I was a good worker. However, my first impressions are that I'm over-qualified for this position.
Yes, the pay is more. But the position is three steps below where I was before.

Can't help feeling that this has been one big mistake. It begs the question: what the fuck do I do now?

I can't quit this job because I need the money. I can't envisage me staying at this job for a long time because there's too many weird issues surrounding it.

I feel angry at my employers. I think I've been screwed over.

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