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Fuck You - The Roze Garden
August 6th, 2004
04:44 pm


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Fuck You
Fuck YOU, best friend, for being the product of weird parents who take the phone off the hook at every god given opportunity. How the hell am I supposed to call you to let you know the change of plans?

Fuck YOU, General Manager, for being such an ignorant arsehole.

Fuck YOU, Caller, for not hearing me shout, for denying me my money and for getting me into this whole stupid situation.

Fuck YOU, Ex-employer for lying, bullshitting, and stealing me away from somewhere altogether more productive that your stupid little office.

Fuck YOU, life, for throwing me this pathetic fucking curve and throwing everything I stand for into disarray.

Fuck YOU, me, for trusting too much, listening too little, and taking a risk. You should have known better.

Fuck YOU, friends, for thinking that I should KNOW where my life is going. I DON'T. Understood? I'm not looking for a career... I just want money, a job, an easy life.

Fuck Everything.

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